Dog Collar • White Marble

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This gorgeous collar from Katt & Hound features a dark blue marble print on a crisp white background, and is the statement piece discerning stylehounds need for a fresh start to 2021. The elegant fabric is finished with highly-polished rose gold fittings.

Available in 3 fully-adjustable lengths to offer a comfortable fit for every size dog, from tiny teacup poodles to the rugby-player necks of our beloved labs.

These collars are designed and made in the UK, and combine hand-crafted design with quality materials. This ensures your purchase is both durable, functional, and great value for money. Katt & Hound is proud to make its products without using any animal products.

The details:

Made from super durable polyester, with high-quality rose gold buckle, D-ring and slide adjuster.


Small • Width 2cm • Length min 20 – max 30cm

Medium • Width 2cm • Length min 29 – max 40cm

Large • Width 2.5cm • Length min 40 – max 60cm


To get the greatest longevity from your Katt & Hound collar, we recommend hand washing and leaving to air dry.

However, should your precious little treasure roll in something heinous while wearing the collar, you can pop it into a net bag or pillowcase and put it through a gentle or handwash cycle in your washing machine 🙂


Please take care to choose the correct size for your dog, and regularly check the collar and buckle for any wear and tear. Please use product only for its intended use.