The Story

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Thank you for supporting our Melbourne based business. Here's a little more of the story about the founders, the products and the philosophy.

About Basil & Ivy

Friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. It comes with people you’ve known forever who know everything about you and with people you’ve instantly clicked with. It can even come covered with fur or with leaves.

In an increasingly complex and crazy world, the things that bring us happiness - a moment of appreciation, a sense of style and beauty, or a smile and a laugh; these are the things we should grasp and hang onto with our hot little hands...even if it means putting our wineglass down momentarily :)

Basil & Ivy ‘grew’ as an idea between two friends who drink far too much wine, but who love their pets & their plants and understand the huge space they occupy in our hearts and our homes. The name was easy - Ivy is a symbol of strong friendships and Basil represents success (and if you're in Italy, it's also a sign that you're single and available if you put it on your balcony - woot woot!)

We aim to bring you the best items from Australia and around the world. Stylish, quality gifts and accessories for your plants and pets; products that bring you that little happy feeling when you see them. Products that artists from many different countries have poured their hearts, souls and years of training into. And if we give you a sly chuckle or two along the way - if we make you think of your friends and the items you just KNOW they’ll love as much as you - well, we consider that a job well done. Thank you for your time. We're very glad you found us.

About the Founders

For two people with very different personalities, Kimberly and Tarnia share a lot of similarities. Both have backgrounds in business and marketing, and both have a lifetime love of pets and plants. Both love to travel and have lived overseas - Kimberly in London, Tokyo, New York and rural Kentucky; Tarnia in Fiji, KL and Barcelona. It's these experiences that inspire them to bring the work of artists and independent sellers from around the world back to Australia, to sit alongside the works of our Australian artists and small businesses.

Kimberly and Tarnia both swear too much and drink far too much. The items they choose for Basil & Ivy’s collection are ones they themselves love, admire, and would have in their homes. Or items that make them laugh. Especially items that make them laugh a lot.


About the Artists and Sellers

Basil & Ivy is proud to support artists. We want to help people appreciate the effort and dedication that craftspeople put into their works. Each artisan item is unique; its own little story, and each piece represents years of study and experience. Artists bring beauty to the world, so we're here to help them as much as we can.

We also work with many independent sellers. While the people behind these businesses may not make their products with their own hands, they're certainly putting their sweat and tears into running their small businesses. 

Our collection is not exclusively artists and independent sellers, but they comprise the majority of the goods we offer, and they are the focus of our business.

Basil & Ivy champions female-led businesses wherever we can. The greater the diversity in the business landscape, the more society benefits.  

We try to be transparent about our products; where they are made, how they are made, what they are made much information as possible. This allows you to make informed decisions as you buy. And buy you must! Now go!
About the Pets

Harper and Markov are their respective pets. Harper is a retired guide dog breeder, who has given much to the world, and now spends her days chasing balls, snoring loudly, looking longingly at any and all food...and modelling for Basil & Ivy.

Markov is a Russian Blue cat. Eminently elegant, he could not care less about the business and is generally disdainful of the products themselves, but quite invested in the boxes they come in. Cats, amiright?!

Markov...reclining on every cat's favourite surface!
Harper...relaxing in her favourite spot...Kimberly's garden bed right on top of new plants!