Cat Bowl • Ceramic • Matte White or Black

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This elegant cat bowl is designed with your cat in mind. With a large span opening of 140mm, it allows cats to eat without pressuring their whiskers! The bowl is tilted forwards, making it more comfortable for your cat to eat and drink. The shallow design limits the risk of overfeeding, as you can only fit one day of food in it.

So that's no whisker stress, no cat frustration and no overfeeding! The raised ears are even handy for picking up and putting down the bowl. So this is a very smart and also stylish looking design! 🐱

Elegant in the black and white colour options. You can get two - one for food and one for water - and mix and match or go all white or all black.

Cat lovers, you could also use this cat shaped as a snack serving bowl for humans or as a trinket bowl.

Pair it with a feeding, water or treat bowl from the Vivipet range of cat bowls at Basil & Ivy.

The details

Made of ceramic. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe and lead free.


Span • approx. 140mm across widest point

Height • approx. 60mmm to highest point of rim