The survivor bangle • NSFW • SS

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This is a SPECIAL bangle. A war cry and affirmation for those of us who made it through last year and this year so far ✊Consider it a medal for surviving the Worst.Year.Ever.

Buy it for yourself or give it to a friend, and smile slyly - your bracelet boldly glinting in the sun - as you toast to great times ahead. 

Made of sleek and hard-wearing stainless steel, the machine-engraved inscription reads:

"Survivor of the utter shitstorm, kick-to-the-snatch, dumpster-fire of a year that was 2020. Special thanks to my dog and the producers of wine world wide."

Not much more to be said really. 

The details

Made from solid stainless steel

Machine engraved in the UK on one side, reverse side is plain


Inner circumference 20.5cm

Bangle thickness • width 2mm • depth 4mm