Self Watering Pots • Decor x Mr Kitly • 300mm

Self Watering Pots • Decor x Mr Kitly • 300mm

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These Melbourne-made indoor plant pots are the perfect intersection of style, function and affordability. 

A lightweight planter, featuring a self watering design, that keeps your indoor or outdoor plants happy and hydrated.

You can plant straight into these pots with any good quality potting mix.

Clean, modern, and colourful plastic plant pots, this is the pioneering Australian design in self-watering planters. 

The Plastic is BPA free.

How to use your self watering plant pot

Once planted, water the first time from the top.

After this, once the waterwell at the bottom dries out, begin topping up the water via the waterwell at the bottom. 

The plant’s roots will seek out the water. You can see how much your plant is “drinking” and top up accordingly.


Basil & Ivy stock four sizes in these plant pots. See full Mr Kitly x Decor collection here>

-215mm pot (215mm w x 180mm h - 125mm planting depth)
-250mm pot (250mm w x 210mm h - 150mm planting depth)
-300mm pot (300mm w x 255mm h - 180mm planting depth)
-375mm pot (375mm w x 310mm h - 230mm planting depth)

Why Basil & Ivy?

We love plants and pets as much as you do! So we have hunted high and low to bring you fun finds and handcrafted goods from Australian and across the globe.

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