Plant climbing support chain • Indoor/Outdoor

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Let your climbing plants be the best they can be with this climbing support chain from the clever peeps at Botanopia ⭐️

This super-lightweight modular design lets you build a spiffy new chain, up to a maximum length of 190cm.

Add a simple nail, screw or pushpin to hang it from a wall, and you’re good to go.

It is available in either a brass or black finish, with a protective coating, and can be used indoor or outdoors. This means you can hang it from an ugly drainpipe and let your plant climb up and disguise it - genius!

The gold finish will eventually develop a lovely patina, but can be polished again to a shine if you prefer.

The details

Made from brass, or brass with black coating

Designed in The Netherlands • Made in Slovenia


Package: 22 x 16 x 1cm • Weight 90g • Max length assembled is 1.9 metres

Arrives flat packed. Assembly required. We've tried this at Basil & Ivy and it takes around half an hour (in front of TV, with wine). Also, whilst the packet says use scissors, we didn't find the average kitchen scissors strong enough, and you risk bending the metal while trying to cut it. Tin snips or a cutting board with a stanley knife would be a better option. 

Watch the assembly video here: