Plant Care • Protect Plant Spray  250ml • With Neem Oil

Plant Care • Protect Plant Spray 250ml • With Neem Oil

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From Australian-brand We The Wild comes this plant protection spray with added Neem Oil. Designed to protect plants from environmental stressors, this spray builds stronger, more resilient plants - something we all want!

Protect is an organic brew of complex microbes and botanical oils, including neem oil. We actually love the smell of this spray - it's reminiscent of citronella - but pets don't so it can also be useful for keeping them away from your plants.  It's a great way to serious cut down on the numbers of annoying flying gnats too!

The details

250ml spray

How to Use

Shake well • Spray both sides of leaves morning and evening • Apply fortnightly or if you plant looks stressed ☹️


Use only as directed. Not suitable for edible plants. Store in a cool dry place out of the reach of small humans and pets