Paper Flower Vase • Sienna Pink

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These paper vases are both pretty...and pretty clever! Made of special waterproof paper that is embellished with laminate and sewn by hand, the vases are a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics. You combine this outer vase with a glass or water bottle inside.

Use these eye-catching vases on your desk or dining table, or as an original gift that is easy to mail anywhere!

The Siena vase, which is inspired by the Mediterranean sunrise and sunset, features gold foil stamping.

Each vase also comes with instructions on how to best use the paper vase. As the vase is made of waterproof paper, should the paper get wet, simply let it dry.

Octaevo is a Mediterranean inspired product design brand based in Barcelona.

The details

SIZE: 265mm x 290mm

FEATURES: Laminated and sewn by hand with gold foil stamping, instructions on how to use the paper vase

MATERIALS: 180gsm waterproof paper

SOURCE: Designed in Barcelona, Spain