Cat Bowtie Collar • Horsing Around

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An elegant mint green collar and bowtie with a stylish white horse print for the classic cats among us. A super soft polyester lining keeps the collar lightweight, and the jingle bell will help you keep track of your feline friend.

The collar is fully adjustable via a high-quality plastic slide. This ensures a comfortable fit for everyone; from lil kitties to chonky boys and girls! And a breakaway safety buckle provides ultimate peace of mind.

Petite dogs can also strut their stuff in these collars, but please note that due to the safety breakaway buckle, they are not suitable to have leads attached to them.

Katt & Hound’s collars are proudly designed and handmade in the UK and do not use any animal products.

The details:

Made from polyester fabric, with heat transfer printing process, high-quality plastic safety buckle and adjustable slide, and metal bell.

Safety buckles are designed to automatically come apart if tugged on with a certain amount of force.

The bowtie forms part of the collar and is not detachable.


Width 1.2cm • Length 18-30cm

The collars are finished with Liquiproof – an eco-friendly, non-toxic, vegan fabric protector to add protection and longevity to your purchase.


Please take care to ensure your cat’s collar is fitted correctly, and use the product only as intended.