Hemp Dog Harness • Black Mosaic

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A harness that safe, comfortable and stylish! Designed in Australia to help with keeping your dog under control and reducing pulling while you are out for walks

Using a hemp base with jacquard webbing finish and brass fixtures. Hemp is natural, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It's also durable and resists stretching when wet, unlike other natural fibres.

With multiple O rings offering a variety of attachment points to facilitate numerous walking alternatives :

-The "No-Pull" feature can be utilised by using the front chest O ring as a lead attachment.

-The back O ring can be used for attaching leads for dogs that are more relaxed when working.

-The chest and back O rings can be utilised for extra control while using our multi- function hemp lead.

The details

Available in 3 sizes:

SMALL Chest : 26 cm - 32 cm, Girth : 53 cm - 59 cm

MEDIUM Chest : 34 cm- 46 cm, Girth : 61 cm - 74 cm

LARGE Chest : 42 cm - 48 cm, Girth : 74 cm - 97 cm