Rope Dog Lead • Forest Green & Chocolate

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Romp with your dog through the great outdoors safely and stylishly with Walk the Dog’s handcrafted rope lead. This classic-style jungle rope lead is forest-green, with a chocolate leather handle hand-whipped with chocolate silky cord, and solid brass hardware.

Each Walk the Dog product is handmade in Europe with great attention to detail - and without the use of any machines or electricity - by master craftsman Phillip. Supervision is provided by his trusty dog Proxy, who is the four-legged inspiration behind the Walk the Dog brand.

This is a substantial piece with a quality weight to it, and feels great to hold. Strong enough for any size dog and made to last for years. And the cherry on top? A matching forest green & chocolate dog collar. We’re officially done!

The details:

Polypropylene multifilament (PPM) rope in 10mm diameter, leather handle and solid brass hardware.

PPM is non-toxic and safe for humans and animals, resistant to mould and rot and easy to keep clean.


Length 122cm • Width 1cm

Length 152cm • Width 1cm


Important: leather goods should not get wet. If your lead gets really wet, please towel dry any excess water off the leather handle before storing.


Please regularly check the lead and the fittings for any wear and tear, and use the product only as intended.