Forka • Handmade copper & bronze garden fork

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When garden tool meets art piece. This is a tool you'll use...and want to display!

This Melbourne-made garden fork features a bronze tool head, copper ferrule and kiln dried spotted gum hardwood timber handle.

Designed specifically for digging in established garden beds or courtyard gardens. Ideal for lifting small crops and transplanting small-medium sized plants. Excellent for light-medium weeding or removing other fibrous materials, as well as working in organic fertilizers, compost or manure. Not for prising difficult soils, stones or roots.

The timber handles are Corymbia Maculata, a species of Spotted Gum Eucalypt specifically selected for tool handles because it doesn’t splinter (similar properties to Hickory). The timber is also kiln dried for strength and stability. The Spotted Gum comes from native, renewable, sustainably managed and harvested forests on the East Coast of Australia.Not for prising difficult soils, stones or roots.

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The details

Size: Length: 295mm, Handle: 150mm, 25mm diam

Packaging: The Grafa tools are beautifully presented in sustainable custom kraft boxes, perfect for gifts. 

Handmade in Australia.


Do not leave out in the weather and keep away from harsh chemicals and household cleaners.

All tools will last for years with correct care, copper will naturally patina over time. Over time a natural patina will emerge which can be enjoyed for it’s own beauty. The patina will come and go with use in the soil, more use means less patina. If preferred, this patina can be removed with either a fine grade stainless steel wool (copper) or a medium grade scotch-brite (bronze). You can even use a high quality metal polish. Some components are made from recycled materials and may come with slight imperfections

Bronze is used for the tool heads on the timber handle range because of its toughness, strength, low coefficient of friction, and fine grain. Bronze is an alloy, made primarily of copper.