Dog Treat Feeder • Anti-Anxiety • Slow Feeder Lickimat

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Anxiety is becoming more prevalent in dogs, and is likely to increase as owners return to offices after the lockdowns of 2020. 

LickiMat is designed to soothe and calm your pet by encouraging and maximising a dog's natural licking action. By spreading a soft treat on the mat (gravy, peanut butter etc) dogs are encouraged to lick the textured surface, soothing them and reducing anxiety. You can freeze chicken stock in it for a summer treat, and can use it during potentially stressful situations such as thunderstorms or vet visits. 

This is the LickiMat Soother PRO Tuff - it is virtually indestructible, so even if your dog is an active chewer, you'll be safe! You can also use the mat as your feeding vessel, which slows down any dogs that are prone to bolting their food!

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