Dog Rake • Sustainable Bamboo

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Dog rakes work well on dogs with heavy or double coats, or rustic coats.  

Rakes clean, reduce knots, remove loose undercoat, stimulate blood flow and increase and spread your dog's natural coat oils. 

Brushing is a great way to bond with your dog and most of them will love how it feels. It will also help you inspect your dog’s skin for lumps, bumps, parasites or abnormalities.

The Details

How to use a dog rake

Gently comb your dog's hair away from the skin in the direction the coat grows. Use short strokes first to remove loose hair, and take time to carefully untangle any knots - anyone with longer hair knows how it feels if it's brushed roughly :(

Take time to introduce your dog (and yourself) to rakes and brushes - make it a positive experience so that your dog looks forward to the together time with you. Keep sessions short at first, use treats as rewards, or consider giving your dog a chew or favourite toy to play with. 

You can follow rake use with a slicker brush to finish the coat.