Dog Harness • Halti Anti-Pull Headcollar • Three Sizes

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A gentle head harness for dogs that are a bit too 'exuberant' when out walking.

Halti allows you to gently guide your dog from his head, because where the head goes, the dog goes!

Easy to put on, and lightweight, with a fully padded noseband, Halti takes the stress out of walking for you and your dog.

Colour black.


To calculate size, measure the top of your dog's neck, just behind the ears (as though wearing a collar really, really high up!)

Size 1: 31-40cm for dogs the size of dachsunds, shelties, mini schnauzers, westies, corgies etc

Size 2: 35-48cm for dogs the size of staffies, vizlas, cattle dogs, scotties, standard schnauzers etc

Size 3: 40-54cm for dogs the size of labradors, setters, retrievers, GSDs, malamutes etc

Larger sizes for giant breeds available to order. 


Only to be used under supervision when walking. 


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