Porcelain vase • Pouche • Handcrafted

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Our little Pouche (Pou-shay) is quite the showstopper 💙

With organic flowing lines, beautiful design and those pops of colour, this vase is a work of art. 

Handcrafted with amazing attention to detail, this piece that will make your heart sing everytime you look at it.

The details 


Slip cast from highest quality Australian porcelain


Slip cast forms are made from a high quality, Australian porcelain which is fired to vitreousness. This means that the clay basically becomes like a glass and the vessels are completely water tight. They are finished with a fired matt underglaze and polished with a fine emery.

To keep your little works of art looking their best, they can be dusted with soft cloth or wiped down with warm soapy water. Being a matt finish the lighter colours can accumulate stains over time and these can be removed with a gentle sand using fine emery with warm soapy water.

If they lose some of their luster the forms can be buffed with a bit of oil, bees wax based furniture polish or moisturiser. 

Proper care will ensure years of enjoyment and appreciation 🧡