Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags • 60 Bag Box

Oh Crap Compostable Dog Poop Bags • 60 Bag Box

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This box of 60 bags features cornstarch bags that compost in just three months. Using these bags not only gets the job done, every bag makes a difference!

These bags are made of an eco-friendly “green” alternative to plastic called cornstarch – these will break down completely in landfill within 3 months or you can just throw it in the composter at home.

Why do we want you to convert from plastic to “Oh Crap” compostable poo bags? Statistics show that up to 4% of landfill is poop. In plastic bags that will take 1000 years to break down. These are gone in 3 months.

We also stock waste bag holders.

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