100% Leather Dog Collar • Forest Green & Chocolate

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For the purists among us comes this swoon-worthy 100% leather dog collar, handcrafted in Europe by Walk the Dog. When these handsome devils first arrived, we spent a few sneaky hours inhaling the smell of quality leather (don’t judge us!) And the colour combination is just perfection and we are obsessed.

Each collar is cut and punched by hand without the use of any machines or electricity, to deliver a product of pure quality craftsmanship. The handmade nature of this item and the natural variations in leather grain, means each item is unique, just like the dogs they are made for. 

Please refer to 'The details' below for important information on sizing. 

A matching rope lead in Forest Green & Chocolate is available in two sizes for those who like to work a co-ordinated look.

The details

This leather is chosen for its durability, flexibility and strength. Walk the Dog uses the best quality nickel-plated hardware and leather, to create a product that will last for years and years if looked after correctly.

Each item is individually crafted so it is possible your item may differ very slightly from the displayed photographs and listed measurements. All pieces of natural leather may have unique marks and some variations of colour.


Width 2cm • Length 34cm (min 29 - max 39cm)

Width 2.5cm • Length 45.5cm (min 40.5 - max 50.5cm)

Width 2.5cm • Length 50.5cm (min 45.5 - max 56cm)

Width 2.5cm • Length 55.5cm (min 50.5 - max 60.5cm)

To get the perfect fit, measure your dog's neck where a collar would naturally sit with a flexible measuring tape. Our sizes are based on the middle hole in the collar. There are two further holes on either side, so the minimum size reflects the first hole along the collar, and the maximum size the last hole.


Important: leather goods should not get wet. If your good boy or girl makes a wild dash for water while wearing their work of art (we’re looking at you labradors and retrievers!) please remove the collar, towel dry off any excess water, and lay flat to dry in a shaded spot.

Apply leather conditioner to keep the leather supple. This will also remove small marks and scratches.

Leather is a natural product and may change colour as it ages.


Please take care to choose the correct size collar for your dog, and regularly check the collar itself and the fittings for any wear and tear. Please use the product only as intended.