Pet bed • Suitcase • Reversible Cushion

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I’m dead 😵 Is this not the cutest little bed for small dogs or cats?

There’s nothing that says your pet’s bed needs to mess up your decor. This suitcase bed comes with a removable AND reversible cushion - so fuzzy side for winter and smooth black & white side for warmer days. 

Sitting up on small angled wooden legs for a mid-century-modern look (and most animals prefer an elevated bed where possible) this is one stylish place to kick back and catch some zzzzz.

The cushion has a removable cover to make washing easy. 

Shipping is available; contact us for shipping fees to your area, or collect from our Summer Shop in Fairfield Victoria. 

The details



Width • from front to back 40cm

Length • side to side 56cm

Depth • side of bed 12cm

Height • including legs from floor to top of side 24cm

Cushion insert - has removable zipped cover

Width • 38cm

Length • 52cm

Height (plushness!) • 7cm