Dog Treat • Charcoal Mini Biscuits • 150gm

Dog Treat • Charcoal Mini Biscuits • 150gm

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These treats are oven baked & contain reactivated charcoal. Specially formulated with added vitamins & minerals, omega 3, methionine & antioxidants to ensure sure that your dog is getting the healthiest biscuits available. So there's some health benefits along with a tasty treat full of the good stuff. 

Made in Australia. 

The details

Ingredients: WHOLEGRAIN WHEAT, TALLOW, MEAT MEAL, CHARCOAL POWDER, IRON OXIDE, GARLIC POWDER, SUGAR, SALT, CALCIUM CARBONATE, FLAXSEED MEAL, VITAMINS & MINERALS, ANISEED FLAVOUR. NUTRITION: PROTEIN 11%, FAT 6%, FIBRE <10%, SALT .75%  wholegrain wheat, tallow, cheese powder, meat meal, garlic powder, sugar, salt, calcium carbonate, flaxseed meal, vitamins & minerals, colour (102, 110).

Nutrition: protein 11%, fat 6%, fibre <10%, salt .75%

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